3D printer extrusion problem

A lot of the people who visit our website, have a 3D printer extrusion problem. Unreliable extrusion is a universal problem and that is why we have made a solution for it.

We noticed that there were some problem with the extrusion when we built our own 3D printer, after the patents that was connected to the FDM technology was released. The extrusion was not reliable and we were not satisfied at all. We began to wonder if there could be a better way to extrude the material and we started to work on a solution. The first extruder we produced worked very well and it solved the extrusion problem due to be able to provide high extrusion force without slipping on the filament.

Solution for the 3D printer extrusion problem

Filament grinding and slippage is now a thing of the past. Our extruders gives you the markets highest performance, precision and reliability with its DualDrive gear system. The QuickRelease lever makes it easy to change filament. The spring-loaded secondary drive gear adapts to filament variations and optimal pressure and it can be adjusted to match your preferences. The extruders CNC-machined precision drive gears are hardened to withstand wear from abrasive filaments. The super sharp drive gear teeth’s, grips the filament from both sides which gives very high available feeding force to ensure uninterrupted material flow to avoid under extrusions.


Throughout the duration of my relationship with 3d printing, I have at one point or another experimented with nearly every concievable type of extruder, working my way from PLA all the way to the most exotic of filament. I’ve gone direct, Bowden, I’ve modded and tinkered and succeeded and failed and then… Then came the Bondtech QR with a [genuine] E3Dv6 hot end. I feel like the perpetual bachelor who, after 20 odd years of failed relationships, has at long last found the one!

This extruder might very well be the most effective product I’ve ever purchased, in any category. It just keeps on going, with utter consistency, no matter the filament type. I have watched with utter shock and gratitude as it laid down perfect layers of Flexible, Nylon, wood-filled, carbon-filled, and countless others. Its double-hobbed, geared drive system will just keep going, and your prints will exude quality that you didn’t think possible right off the bed.

-Technology Specialist | Dallas, TX


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