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Michael Hackney is one of Bondtech’s customers, who had a problem which were solved by Bondtech’s extruders. He found Bondtech in a 3D printing community. Here is his story:

“I have been involved with the 3D printing community for over 7 years. I wrote the original assembly guide for the SeeMeCNC H1 3D printer and am a moderator in their forum with well over 250,000 views of my posts. I spend a significant amount of time researching, experimenting and testing new 3D printing technologies-printers, controllers and firmware, extruders, hot ends, etc. My work in understanding the dynamics in E3D Online’s E3D V5 hot end led to them revising their nozzle geometry for the V6 hot end. They gave me attribution on their web site about it.

I own and run The Eclectic Angler and Reel Lines Press. It is a 1 person company and I do all the design, manufacturing, marketing, sales and support. Several years ago I designed the world’s first completely 3D printed fly fishing reel and have been manufacturing and selling these globally. I also make the STL files available for free download so others can print their own reel. Watch the video on my web site that Field & Stream Magazine made.

I focus on both the mechanical and aesthetic design of my 3D printed objects as you can see here.

My discovery of Bondtech

I had long known that existing extruders caused significant damage to the filament and could not apply enough force to push challenging filaments effectively. I was in the process of purchasing and testing as many extruders as I could find when I discovered Bondtech during these searches. As soon as I saw that it used opposing driven gears to push the filament I KNEW that it was unique and would solve many of the problems I experienced with filament damage and challenging filaments and hot ends. At the same time I was testing a prototype dual extrusion hot end from E3D Online called the Cyclops. This hot end is very challenging as it has two 90° sharp bends in the melt path for each filament. NONE of my other extruders could push filament through it reliably. Again, as soon as I saw the Bondtech extruder I was intrigued that it might actually have the gripping power to push filament through the Cyclops.

I ordered two Bondtech QRs in my first order specifically so I could test this. I was extremely pleased as they worked flawlessly. Attached is a photo graph of a two color print made with the two Bondtech QR extruders and the E3D Cyclops hot end. This is by far the most challenging part I’ve ever made and probably one of the most challenging parts anyone could make! To date, the Bondtech QR is the ONLY extruder that I’ve had 100% success and 100% reliability with and I use them on all 10 of my 3D printers.

I frequently recommend bondtech to others. I have a fairly large following in the 3D printing community and many people follow my example and recommendations. I’ve written several posts about Bondtech on my blog and MANY in various forums and groups.

Installing a Bondtech QR extruder on my Rostock MAX V3

My current Rostock Max “ultimate configuration”

– Michael Hackney, Eclectic Angler

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