The founder of Bondtech has a big interest in 3D technology

Martin Bondéus is the founder of Bondtech. As a child Martin had a big interest in technology. Besides carpentry he also liked to tinker with cars, mopeds and build radio controlled airplanes.

He studied a four year technical program in school and after a few other jobs, he began working as a production engineer at AGÅ-machines, who manufactures components in steel and metal for example for Volvo Trucks. His interest in CAD started to grow and Martin thought that specially 3D CAD was very fun and exciting.

Big interest in 3D technology

Martin has worked at several companies where they manufactures products and components with 3D technology. He has worked as a engineer, project manager and he had several senior management positions. He worked as a design engineer and he was chief of the development department at GP Plastics that worked with customers in the packaging field. High cavity stack molds were one of the companies specialties for producing high volume parts as closures and caps.

On Wemo, a company who manufactures robots, Martin worked as production manager and his mission was to improve their production. There, he managed to reduce the delivery time from 9 weeks down to 4 weeks, by re-arranging the way the robots were build by using pre-assembling multiple components into pre-made building blocks. When an order arrived, many components was already assembled and the total time for final assembly drastically reduced.

At Kinnarps Martin worked as a materials expert in polymers and were also head of the Design Centre that were developing products for interior spaces, during this time Martin was also a project manager for one of the new office chairs that were developed.

From hobby to a business idea

Some of the patents that was connected to the FDM technology, was released for 4 to 5 years ago. That made an explosion on the market and now there are a lot of different machines to buy.

Martin bought a kit to a machine that he built with his son Gustav. The machine was not working as expected and requried extensive rebuilding but at some point Martin felt it was not worth spending more time on that machine, so instead he started to build his very own printer from the ground up, not using kit products. Martin was not totally satisfied. The extrusion was not that reliable, which Martin thought was very frustrating. He began to wonder if there could be a better way to extrude the material. He searched the internet for information and realized that the problem with unreliable extrusion was universal. There was a lot of people with exactly the same problem. So he started to work on a solution. The first extruder Martin produced, worked very well and solved the extrusion problem due to be able to provide high extrusion force without slipping on the filament.

Martin realized that he had found a solution to a problem that he shared with a lot of people and decided to analyze whether there was a market for his extruders. He began developing 25 extruders to begin with. He knew people in a 3D printer group on the Internet, which had the same problems as he did with the extrusion. They became a test group and Martin got their feedback. Many of them were very satisfied, this product solved their problems. They gave Martin a little feedback on improvements. When Martin had made the improvements, he started to sell the extruder and people were very pleased with the result.

Extruders for a lot of printers

After a while he got some new observations. People thought it was a bit clumsy to shift materials. Martin took out a new version of the extruder, with a QuickRelease button to easily displace the material, if needed. Martin thought that the design of the extruder was a bit too cute, so he took the opportunity to release the new improved version of the extruder with a new design. After this version, he has also developed a few different extruder models, for 1.75 and 3.0 mm and also a right-hand and a left-hand version of theese.

Martin have continued to develop customized feeders for a perfect replacement on several of the most popular 3D-printers on the market and are continuing to create feeding solutions for more and more printers in order to help people all over the world solving their extrusion issues. Today Martin have manufactured extruders for a lot of different printers.

Martin is really passionate about using technology, he thinks that the most amazing about technology is how quickly it develops. He is absolutely convinced that there soon will be a printer on every development department throughout Sweden.

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No secret:
Only people passionated drive the progress by bringing creativity and reliability
Martin is one of them
And on top of it: kind and always available for answering to our questions!

Definitely I am an happy owner of 2 Bondtech QR

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