The rise of the BMG Reverse Integrated Drive Gear Assembly





Turning Lemons into Lemonade Chapter two

Turning Lemons into Lemonade Chapter two

Our lemonade story continues. (See Chapter one)

We were excited to follow MirageC printing experience with our newly created Main Shaft Assembly and see whether it improved wobbling and reduced run-out. After such positive results, we made the BMG Reverse Integrated Drive Gear Assembly to improve it further and take a meaningful step forward in 3D printing quality.

MirageC, the enthusiastic and generous creator of the HextrudORT, collaborated with us to create this BMG Reverse Set for HextrudORT and BMG Reverse Integrated Drive Gear Assembly we launch today, to address the runouts of the primary drive gear held by a set screw on the main shaft assembly.

PHOTO : BMG Reverse Set for HextrudORT, that includes the new BMG Reverse Integrated Drive Gear Asembly.

The BMG Reverse Integrated Drive Gear Assembly is made of hardened steel and compatible with flexible, rigid, and abrasive materials. We also designed it to fit 4x8x3.0 mm ball bearings. The design features a machined monolithic steel component, tighter tolerances, and an improved press-fit method to secure and center the Main Gear on the shaft.

The BMG Reverse Set & Assembly are compatible with
the HextrudORT and Mini Sherpa extruders.

The Bondtech BMG and other Bondtech BMG based extruders or upgrade kits
are not compatible with this reverse setup.

We want to thank MirageC for his collaboration and all the community members who gave us feedback and helped us improve our product. Thanks to everyone’s effort, we were able to launch an enhanced product quality that will help people 3D print better. So, thank you for your continued support!

This assembly replaces the following previous drive train items:

  • Main shaft;
  • Main gear;
  • Set screw;
  • Primary drive gear.

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