The Success Story of How We Improved Our Main Gear





Turning Lemons into Lemonade

Turning Lemons into Lemonade

As you know, here at Bondtech we are committed to customer satisfaction and product improvement. Getting to understand our customer experience allows us to collaborate and improve. We focus on making our equipment as reliable and high-performing as possible. Ultimately, we want our clients to have an exciting 3D printing experience.

We recently had a success story that began with one influencer’s video on YouTube. MirageC had made a video showing that our Main Gear on the main shaft assembly suffered from a significant run-out, resulting in a noticeable wobbling during rotation. Shortly after that, our Product Design team met with MirageC and other members of the community. Together we were able to ascertain what improvements to our extruder components could help solve the issue.

Three months later, we are thrilled to announce that we are launching an improved Main Gear, now made of a new white technical thermoplastic. Along with this part and raw material change we also improved our assembly process to reduce the run-out and improve the manufacturing tolerances. This enhanced product quality will help creators, engineers, problem-solvers, artists, and designers improve their outputs and have much more pleasurable experiences while 3D printing.

We want to continue taking the time to listen to customers’ feedback, positive and negative, and turn problems into success stories. It’s like turning lemons into lemonade! We are proud to be a brand committed to customer satisfaction and product improvement.

We invite you to share your stories with us. Remember, together, we find ways to 3D print better.

Thank you for your continued support!

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9 thoughts on “Turning Lemons into Lemonade

  1. extrabitz says:

    Who do I talk to about a possibility situation? I haven’t had my DDX long. Been getting it and printer dialed in. I’ve noticed my layers are excruciating under,over,under,over… repeat .

    • Nuno Santiago says:

      If you are not getting good results from your Bondtech setup, always, always contact our customer support.
      Remember our gear improves the filament feeding with reliability and performance, but it cannot solve all the problems a 3D printer may have.
      Sometimes issues go beyond feeding filament and extrusion.
      We are here to help though.

    • Nuno Santiago says:

      No, the DDX is not affected. The DDX uses an integrated drive gear from the start, since DDX V1.
      Also, updating previous units is not feasible, because we are always improving our products and release dates are hard to set.
      On the other hand, we always ship what are the best available versions at the moment.

      We also consider the retro fitting capabilities of the upgrades, so users of previous versions can improve their units.
      Not always possible but we do our best.

      Hope you can understand our reasoning and limitations.
      Thank you for using Bondtech.

    • Nuno Santiago says:

      The previous gears were not faulty James. They were state of the Art since several years ago.
      The new gears are an improvement, yes, but just that. A product that got better.
      Still aren’t prefect and if we find a way to make them even better at a reasonable price, we will.
      What we always try to do is to make these improvements retro compatible, so users can update their units.

      We hope you may understand our reasoning.

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