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Where Can You Buy Bondtech CHT®

Where Can You Buy Bondtech CHT®

Buy local. Save on shipping costs.

Find here an up to date list of our Sales Partners – sorted by name – where you may find Bondtech CHT® nozzles.

Lower the impact of the shipping costs on your purchase of our high flow nozzles.

This list will be updated regularly. We will try to have it as up to date as possible.


Name Domain Region
123-3D Netherlands
3D CAD Solutions Finland
3D Jake EU (AU)
3d lab tech CA (AB)
3D Prima EU (SE)
3D Puccio Germany
3DPO Australia (NSW)
A-Printer Switzerland
Bondtech Worldwide (SE)
Caribou DACH (DE)
Compass DHM Projects Italy
DREMC Australia (QLD)
EVOLT Portugal
Fabreeko USA (FL)
Filastruder USA (GA)
FreeForm4U Germany
Gabby 3D USA(MA)
Phaser FPV Australia (NSW)
Ravmeimad Israel
RepRapMania Romania
RepRapPro Sweden
Slice Engineering USA (FL)
SoluNOiD Denmark
Spool3D Canada (AB)
Stratum3D Norway
TECHbit Denmark
TinyMachines3D USA (TX)
Unique Prints Australia (VI)

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