Bondtech Bowden Upgrade Kit for CR-10S needs PTFE tube pieces



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CR-10S extruder mount needs PTFE tube

CR-10S extruder mount needs PTFE tube

Conversation started on Friday, February 21 2020, 13:57

[13:58] Customer : Hi, the printed CR-10S Bowden Mount needs PTFE tube inside?

[13:59] Bondtech : Yes a short section pushed into the mount in order to avoid wear of the mount itself.

[13:59] Customer : Guess i have to remove it again 😀

[14:04] Customer : I can’t press it in?

[14:04] Bondtech : Yes that is how we do it

[14:04] Customer : The hole seems too small.

[14:05] Bondtech : It is smaller at the surface, this way it will be kept in place

[14:06] Customer : Does it need to go all the to the other side?

[14:06] Bondtech : No, cut a piece 4 mm long and push it in

[14:09] Customer : Does it need a small piece on both sides?

[14:09] Bondtech : Correct!

[14:12] Customer : Thanks

[14:12] Bondtech : You are welcome!

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