Michael, USA

I’ve found the Bondtech to be 100% reliable extruding common filaments like ABS, PLA, Nylon and PETG as well as more demading filaments like BronzeFill, Carbon Fiber reinforced PLA and various wood and bamboo filled PLAs. Now with 1000s of hours of accumulated time using Bondtech QRs I can also state that they are as robust and reliable as you would demand from an extruder.

Vernon, USA

Kind of sorry I hadn’t used your product before , but I really am a fan after using it and I will end up putting it on all my printers. Thanks

Neil, United Kingdom

I’m aware that Ultimaker have brought out their ‘Ultimaker 2+ upgrade kit’, but thought your extruder a far better design and would enhance the printers reliability. I can only wish you every success in marketing this remarkable extruder.

Tim, USA

We have tried ED3-V6 with their motor/extruder, Micron 3d, and MK8 extruders.  All direct drive extruders.  These all have problems with grinding the filament.  These extruders were never capable of more than .5 kg / 24hrs.  The Bondtech is the first one that could actually pull the filament off a 10 or 20kg reel and […]

Tom, USA

Works like a dream, guy….Good job..!   Please send another just like the last one!

Korneel, Netherlands

I’ll be honest, I’m very impressed with the feeders. I run 3 UM2s continuously and Ias soon as I tested the first one, I immediately added 2 more feeders.. they solved my infill problem that I had even with the um2+ feeders..

Jeremy, USA

I currently have over 3000m of filament and 750 printing hours on this design without issues!  I’ve used PLA, ABS, Carbon Fiber, TPU, Nylon, and a little bit of PolyCarbonate. I Absolute love it!

Brett, USA

Hi, I purchased an extruder a month ago and I absolutely love it. I’ll be coming back for a second one for one of my other machines.

John, Norway

I am very impressed of the grip, the force and the precision, No jams!

Kinya – Japan

The mechanism of the extruder is very nice.Especially, I realized that this extruder is not only unique mechanism, but also it has extremely effective – the filament hard gripped by dual drive gear even though these have shallow grooves. I believe it showing profound knowledge and experience of yours.