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Bondtech develops, designs and manufactures unique dual drive extruders that eliminate the risk of grinding, slipping, filament deformation and under extrusion.

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Increase reliability

Increase the reliability with Bondtech QR Extruder.

Perfect extrusion

Bondtech QR Extruder gives perfect extrusion quality.

Increased printing speed

Increase your printing speed and improve the reliability with Bondtech QR Extruder.

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I’ve been using Bondtech QR extruders (8 of them) for coming up on a year and I am as impressed with their performance and reliability now as when I tried my first one. I print 6 or more hours a day on 9 delta printers ranging in size from Mini Kossels to Rostock MAXes as well as a Cartesian Lulzbot Taz 4 printer that’s fitted with two Bondtech QRs to feed an E3D Cyclops hot end. In fact, I spent well over a year searching for an extruder that could feed the Cyclops reliably. The Cyclops had two incoming filaments and one nozzle and has two 90° bends in the filament path, making it extremely demanding on the extruder. The Bondtech QR is the only extruder of nearly 6 different products I tested that work, and work exceedingly well. The “secret” to this performance is the driven counter-rotating driver gears. Other extruders with a single drive gear and a pressure idler opposite it can’t generate nearly the torque that the Bondtech QR can, and that torque is why it performs so well.

I’ve found the Bondtech to be 100% reliable extruding common filaments like ABS, PLA, Nylon and PETG as well as more demading filaments like BronzeFill, Carbon Fiber reinforced PLA and various wood and bamboo filled PLAs. Now with 1000s of hours of accumulated time using Bondtech QRs I can also state that they are as robust and reliable as you would demand from an extruder.

Michael develops and produces fly-fishing reels with an astonishing finish.
Vistit his webpage here: www.eclecticangler.com
He also shares knowledge on his blog that you find here: sublimelayers.blogspot.com


Michael, USA

Kind of sorry I hadn’t used your product before , but I really am a fan after using it and I will end up putting it on all my printers.


Vernon, USA

I’m aware that Ultimaker have brought out their ‘Ultimaker 2+ upgrade kit’, but thought your extruder a far better design and would enhance the printers reliability. I can only wish you every success in marketing this remarkable extruder.

Neil, United Kingdom

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In order to load or unload the filament in your printer a simple G-code script can be used. Thees script can be copied to your SD-Card and be executed by simply selecting to print the specific program and it will be executed accordingly. Name your file so something that is easy to remember and maybe […]


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