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Printable STL-FILES

STL-files for printing the Bondtech QR Extruder mounts. We recommend a layer height of 0.20 mm – but as always, lower layer height gives better quality.
We recommend printing them in PETG filament for best strength. For all mounts we use M5 Heat set insert that you can find here and we also use M5x10 Low-head socket screw that you can find here.

For printer Needs support  Image
Standard mount No  Standard mount
Ultimaker Original Yes  Ultimaker Original mount
Ultimaker 2, 2+ No  Ultimaker2 mount
BCN3D Sigma Yes  BCN3D mount
Rostock Max  No  RostockMax mount
Rostock Max V3     Installation guide  No rostock-max-v3-bondtech-mount
Mankati Right hand No  Mankati mount Righthand
Mankati Left hand No  Mankati mount Lefthand
Reprap No  Reprap mount
 Kossel Pro No  KosselPro mount
BCN3D Sigma Hinged design Right hand
Designed by EmvioEngineering
Yes SIGMA BCN3D-Righthand-Hinge-design
BCN3D Sigma Hinged design Left hand
Designed by EmvioEngineering
Yes  SIGMA BCN3D-Lefthand-Hinge-design
Herculien No  Herculien mount
Lulzbot Taz 4 Dual mount No  Lulzbot_Taz4_DualMount
Filament guide for 1.75 mm No Filamentguide 1.75
Filament guide for 3.0 mm No Filamentguide 3.0
Bowden clip 1.75 No Bowden-clip 1.75
Bowden clip 3.0 No Bowden-clip 3.0
Mounting plate for Raise3D N2
for Bondtech QR, use with
Bondtech QR standard mount
Uses 1x M5 thread insert
No  Raise3D mountingplate for QR
Mounting plate for Raise3D N2
for Bondtech Mini Bowden extruder
No  BondtechMini_Mount_Raise3D
Bondtech Mini Bowden Extruder for Raise3D N2
Uses our Mini Gearkit and some other parts.
 Yes BondtechMini_Bowden



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