Wasting time and money on failed 3D prints? Perhaps you are not getting the high-quality results that you aim for? Then upgrade your system with a Bondtech Dual Drive extruder and enter a new dimension of 3D printing.

Common problems with today’s extruders 

– Slippage
– Grinding
– Under extrusion
– Filament deformation
– Low extrusion force
– Low resolution/precision

The unique design of the Bondtech Extruders utilizes two counter-rotating drive gears with an optimized drive geometry that offers unmatched performance. The integrated planetary gearbox provides huge torque and at the same time great resolution for perfect results.

Hardened CNC-machined precision components assure long lifetime and high precision. The housing parts are 3D printed in polyamide using the SLS printing process for stiffness and heat resistance.

Bondtech QR

This extruder features a “QuickRelease” lever to be able to change filament quick and easy. Just press the lever and remove filament and insert the new filament. The lever is springloaded with an adjuster bolt that let´s you finetune the pressure on the filament to match your needs.

The extruder is extremely easy to assemble and disassemble since only two bolts need to be removed in order to gain access to the drive gears. It feeds material with equal force in both directions.

– The top of the extruder is fitted factory-side with a push-fit connector permanently installed.

– In the bottom of the extruder a Hotend that follows the “Groovemount” standard can be fixed in a Direct setup where the extruder is placed on the printhead.

– For Bowden applications an filament guide can be placed at the bottom to help with inserting the filament or an Adapter that let you connect a bowden tube.

The extruder is available as right and left-hand versions for both 1.75 and 2.85/3.0 mm filament.

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Bondtech Mini

Mini_Wanhao I3

The unique design of the Bondtech Mini Extruders utilizes two counter-rotating drive gears with an optimized drive geometry that offers unmatched performance for highest reliability and performance.
This version uses a Nema17 steppermotor without a gearbox and the gear-design have been optimized in order to get the maximum torque and resolution for creating stunning prints.
It uses a E-step value of 140 that is about 50% higher than a standard MK8 drivegear used in many printers, this equals to 50% higher pushing force and 50% higer resolution than your standard extruder. The filament is fully guided and it prints flexible filaments just as good as stiff filaments.

Currently the Mini is available as upgrade kits for Wanhao I3 and upgrade kits for Raise3D N1 & N2 but more customized kits are in development.

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Bondtech V2


This extruder was the first to be commercial available to the market and have gained a lot of interest and it´s amazing performance is highly valuated around the world. This extruder uses two set-screws to finetune the distance between the gears and it gives a very high extrusion force. In order to remove / load material the motor needs to be engaged either by manually moving the motor from the controller or by using a simple G-code to load and unload the filament. The housing parts are made out of professionally SLS printed polyamide for maximum stiffness and precision.

It is available for both 1.75 and 2.85/3.0 mm filament.



This kit contains parts for the printhead to upgrade your Raise3D N2 single or dual printer to the Bondtech Direct with dual Drivegears that eliminates slipping and grinding. The hybrid setup gives you the best of two worlds with a direct-driven left extruder and the bowden feed right extruder.
Use the direct extruder for printing with both hard and flexible materials and the bowden for hard materials or support. This solution also lowers the weight of the printhead that will make it possible to print faster with sustained surface quality of your prints.


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